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Lisa has been a Certified Nurse Practitioner for over 28 years. She began her career in the fields of Women’s Health and the Neonatal ICU and has been practicing in Cosmetic Aesthetics for 6 years. She is a leader and trainer in the cosmetic field and will work collaboratively with you to create a personalized plan. She believes in looking natural, not “done,” and she is known for her gentle and subtle approach to rejuvenation. Lisa is the owner of Livio Med Spa and believes that the world of aesthetics does not have to be intimidating. Her honest, down-to-earth personality creates a trusting relationship with her clients.

Lisa at Livio Med Spa is amazing. Not only is she incredibly talented at what she does, but she is also so fun, warm, and inviting. Lisa was my first intro into the medical aesthetics world and I felt so comfortable with a plan to get to my goals. She answered my questions and set proper expectations. Aesthetics is a mix of science and art; you should choose someone who understands the nuances of the products, the goal of each individual, and lifestyle. Lisa guides you through the process and exceeds expectations. A true consultant, there to give clients what they want and need, and give a gentle nudge of “no” when you don’t. I appreciate the honesty and transparency. I can’t wait to see her next time!


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