Booty Lift 

Looking for a bit of lift in your behind? Our Booty Lift treatments are here to give you the booty you’ve always dreamed of! 

At Livio, we use Sculptra for our butt enhancing procedures. These treatments fill in dimples, hollowness, and creases to create a fuller, more voluminous butt! Sculptra stimulates your body to produce its own collagen in the treatment area. During the next few weeks after your treatment, collagen is gradually built up from the injections and the appearance of your results improve. The true results will become more apparent over the following months, and only get better!

Butt enhancing treatments are a fantastic, minimally-invasive option compared to other surgical procedures. If you don’t want a long recovery time, these treatments are for you! Apart from some swelling and bruising, reactions and side-effects are rare. 

We typically inject 5-10 vials at a time of Sculptra. Most clients see amazing results with only one treatment, but 2 or 3 is usually what people prefer in order to see the full benefits! The number of sessions you’ll need varies based on your treatment goals.

If you’re curious about our butt enhancing procedures, just book a no obligation, completely free consultation with Livio! We can talk through all your concerns and create a treatment plan based on your booty goals. Come see us!


Nothing is more important at Livio than trust. And trust is earned. Earned by expertise, and by listening. We provide a beauty experience that addresses all your questions and concerns and uplifts your confidence.


We understand that, for many people, treatments can be intimidating. That is why we focus on your comfort at Livio. From the time you come in for a consultation to the time you leave our office, your experience at Livio will be comfortable.


Enhancing your beauty should not be complicated — this is our core belief at Livio. Our products and treatments are straightforward and effective.

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