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Say goodbye to your double chin with Kybella treatment at Livio Med Spa in Cincinnati. Our experienced medical professionals use this FDA-approved injectable to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells, leaving you with a more contoured and defined jawline. Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of Kybella treatment with Livio Med Spa.


Kybella is the first FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment used to destroy fat cells in the face, neck, and chin. It made using a formulation of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the permanent breakdown of fat

During a Kybella treatment, injections placed under the chin to destroy fat cells. This treatment is a quick and safe way to remove excess fat from the area. The treatment can be performed on adults, aged 18 and over, with moderate to severe submental fullness.

Most common areas treated with Kybella



Starting at $599.00

The most popular Kybella treatment is, by far, getting rid of double chin fat. When Kybella is injected into the area under the chin, it permanently kills the fat cells there, leaving you with a slimmer appearance and a more defined chin.
About Kybella Double Chin



Starting at $599.00

Kybella is effective for dissolving that small pocket of fat you often see on the bra line. This creates a more sculpted upper body.
About Kybella Bra Fat



Starting at $999.00

Kybella can be used to reduce any pocket of volume on your body. We can treat that bulge next to your bra, you stomach, your knees, or your behind.
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Kybella is an injectable form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring enzyme that aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat cells, specifically designed to treat submental fullness AKA double chin. Kybella works gradually and can take on average 3-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart to achieve desired results.


Swelling, mild tenderness, and fullness for up to 1 week post treatment. Numbness or tingling sensation to area for up to 1 month post treatment. Small bruising may occur around injection sites. Bring a light scarf to cover swelling!


Apply ice to area to help with swelling and tenderness. Take Ibuprofen or Tylenol as directed to minimize discomfort. Avoid strenuous activity or exercise for at least 24 hours.


The price of a Kybella treatment may vary according to the size of your treatment area, as well as the number of treatments required to get you the results you’re looking for. You may need three treatments, or even six. 

At Livio, a small treatment area of Kybella costs $599. A medium area is $999, and a large area is $1,299.   Each treatment consists of 2 separate visits, both times receiving the maximum dose of Kybella. 

Kybella designed to permanently destroy submental fat, also known as a double chin. During a treatment, Kybella injected into the treatment area, and in the subsequent weeks the fat flushed naturally out of the body. With proper maintenance and lifestyle adjustments, your results will last forever.

A Kybella injection consists of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This chemical breaks down fat cells and then the lymphatic system flushes out the fat debris.

The number of Kybella injections required to produce the desired results depends on how much fat is present in the patient. 

Kybella is a minimally invasive treatment that can administer in as little as fifteen minutes. A topical numbing cream or ice may apply to the injection site to further minimize discomfort.

The treatment area may feel swollen and uncomfortable for a few days after the procedure. Ice packs can help reduce any swelling. Patients should also take over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol to help alleviate any discomfort.

During the recovery process of Kybella, swelling is an expected side effect. However, you can take steps to minimize the amount of swelling you experience.

Our Livio practitioners recommend using over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate the discomfort and swelling. You can also use ice to help with any swelling and soreness.

Some patients may experience bruising after their Kybella treatment, and some also report numbness around the area where they had their injections. However, these side effects will usually subside within 1-2 weeks.

Swelling is an expected inflammatory reaction from a Kybella treatment and will resolve within a few days.

Kybella is a non-invasive, injectable procedure that helps eliminate the fat under your chin and neck.

Kybella destroys fat cells under your chin and neck, and can result in some minimal skin tightening. Kybella usually requires 2-3 treatments to reach your volume loss goal.

You can expect to see results after about six weeks after the first treatment. Your injection expert at Livio will create a personalized treatment plan for you to achieve your goals.

Getting rid of bra fat is a struggle for many women. The bra bulge occurs in the back or underarm area and usually caused by a combination of genetics, hormones, and weight fluctuations. The good news is there are ways to eliminate the bulge without the cost and recovery time of surgical liposuction.

One of the best treatments for bra fat is Kybella. This non-invasive treatment using FDA approved Kybella to reduce fat in the back and bra bulge area. It works by permanently destroying fat cells, which your body flushes out naturally. Depending on the severity of the bulge, patients may need to undergo two or more treatments. The procedure is very safe and patients can return to their normal activities immediately.

If you’ve tried without success to eliminate that stubborn fat, Kybella can take care of it in under 30 minutes! This treatment is quick and easy, and you can get it on your way home from work or on your lunch break.

The Kybella injection is so quick that we don’t need to use any numbing agents. Some patients report slight discomfort after treatment, but it goes away within five minutes.

Kybella takes time to work, so you won’t see results immediately. Typically, 2-4 treatments of Kybella spaced 1 month apart will provide the best results, so your full treatment can take anywhere from 2-4 months!

When targeted fat cells are destroyed by Kybella, they can no longer store or accumulate fat, so your results are permanent!

If you’re curious about cheek, chin, or temple enhancement, just book a no-obligation, completely free consultation with Livio! We can talk through all your concerns and create a treatment plan based on your goals. Come see us! We’d love to talk to you.

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