Diamond Glow Facial Cincinnati

Experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation with a Diamond Glow Facial in Cincinnati at Livio. Our skilled estheticians use this advanced technology to deeply exfoliate, extract impurities, and infuse your skin with nourishing serums for a radiant and revitalized complexion. Book your appointment today and enjoy the benefits of a Diamond Glow Facial with Livio Med Spa.

Livio Diamond Glow Facial

How does Diamond Glow Facial work?

This non-invasive treatment utilizes a patented recessed diamond tip wand that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses your skin with customized serums.

This facial uses six tips coated in genuine diamonds to remove dead skin cells and promote an even tone and brighter complexion. High-power suction also deep cleans and opens pores, making it the ideal choice for patients with acne-prone skin.

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recovery Time

Minimal to none

Diamond Glow Facial Benefits

Are you in search of a skincare treatment that provides all-inclusive exfoliation, extraction and infusion? Look no further than a Diamond Glow facial! Combining elements from HydraFacial and Dermaplaning, it cleans, extracts and infuses your skin with corrective serums for beautiful, radiant results.

Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
Evens out dark spots and discoloration
Unclogs pores
Creates smoother skin texture
Usually pain free
Little to no downtime
Completely customizable
Immediate results
Results can improve over time

Diamond Glow Facial Before and After Pictures

Looking at before and after pictures of Diamond Glow Facial can give you an idea of the potential results you may see after the treatment. Typically, these pictures showcase a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

diamond glow facial before and after

Diamond Glow Facial Cost in Cincinnati

For dull skin, acne, or congestion. DiamondGlow® is customized to you — combining a precision diamond tip to match your skin’s needs, targeted SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums, and a perfectly curated, at-home SkinMedica® skincare regimen to keep your glow going.

The cost of diamond glow facial in Cincinnati, Ohio is $229.



The DiamondGlow Facial works deep down in the skin to exfoliate, hydrate and cleanse your pores of dirt and debris. Specialized technology is used, including the DiamondGlow wand, to address all of your skincare needs. This treatment is excellent for both treating acne and preventing future breakouts in addition to hydrating and nourishing the skin to brighten it from the inside out.


It is virtually discomfort free. You may feel a slight scratching feeling but no pain.


There is no downtime associated with this treatment. The results from a DiamondGlow Facial are noticeable immediately after your first treatment. You’ll notice your skin is brighter and plumper. You may also notice that your face is smoother and firmer, giving you a younger, fresher appearance. As an added advantage, the treatment continues to work for the next 4 to 6 weeks

Diamond Glow Facial FAQs

How Long Does Diamond Glow Last?

Results from a Diamond Glow facial can be seen immediately, as well as continued improvements for up to 30 days. You’ll enjoy fullness, smoothness and radiance that lasts!

We will discuss how many treatments are necessary.

Does DiamondGlow help with acne and hyperpigmentation?

DiamondGlow can reduce the appearance of breakouts, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and sun damage. With longer-lasting effects than other solutions, DiamondGlow will create that glowing look and healthy skin you always wanted.

How often should I receive a Diamond Glow treatment?

For optimal results, we suggest having multiple Diamond Glow treatments every three to four weeks. We can discuss an individualized plan tailored specifically for you.

What is the Difference Between Diamond Glow and HydraFacial?

Diamond Glow is a skin-resurfacing treatment that utilizes patented instruments, including a wand with diamond tip. This wand cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities while simultaneously infusing condition-specific serums into your skin.

What is the Infusion Process?

This infusion/extraction procedure uses vacuum pressure to flush skin and pores clean of dirt, oil, bacteria, blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities. Infused serums are specifically formulated for targeted skincare issues like acne-prone/oily skin types; aging/pigmented complexions; dry or dull complexions.

What Are the Advantages of a Diamond Glow Facial?

This facial uses microdermabrasion to exfoliate away dead skin cells and promote new collagen growth. This procedure promises to open up pores, even out skin tone, and give your skin an illuminating sheen.

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